A splash of older age

Today I accidentally ended up in an aqua fit class of about 12 ladies in their 60s and 70s, a gentleman of that same generation and, well, me. The instructor was welcoming enough of me as a punter and of course, from swimming in the pool nobody can tell that I speak no Hebrew. So she kept throwing encouraging comments my way and I just kind of felt too awkward to leave. It was great exercise and I hope to be that active when I’m 65.

It cheered me up because I realised once again that body language really is universal and anyone can follow the moves of a half decent fitness instructor. Its especially unembarassing when nobody can really see what you’re doing under the water. And if I hadn’t been able to count till four in Hebrew yet, I’d have easily learnt it in that class.

I also loved the experience of watching those Israeli ladies moan about the shower queues and eye each other up in the changing facilities, taking whole trays of toiletries with them everywhere they went – from changing cubicle to shower to mirror. Whatever their body shape, they took pride in their appearance. It was liberating to tag along. And by the end of it I’m not sure what made me happier, that one of them scolded me in Hebrew for putting my towel in the wrong place or that another one took the time to comment on how my attendance caused a considerable drop in the group’s average age. That this is still possible at my age…