Butter bean bonanza – yes, I like alliterations

So, it’s been a while. Life’s thrown a few curveballs and I’ve not caught them very well.
But because a writing friend has recently asked me if I’ve cooked anything amazing recently, I thought I must take note next time I do.
Today worked out a treat. Creativity struck. 10 minutes before we were due to leave the house for a drinks and nibbles combo with “Kids tea” at our friends’ house (the only way you get to go out at a weekend if babysitting services are hard to come by).
I had promised to bring some nibbles. I knew it would get past my normal dinner time (which would be the “kids tea time” at 6) until I’d be due my main evening meal that night and that the drinks part of the evening would make me feel even more like just stuffing crisps down my throat than does my stressed out “have to make it to bed time” state…
So, I decided I’d attempt to bring something veg based and healthy.
A dip!! One of my easy-can-dos.

Thinking I’d thrown a tin of chickpeas in the blender I thought I could just do regular hummus, but then I realised it was butter beans and so I was thrown off course. That’s when things tend to go good in my kitchen. So what I ended up chucking in turned out to be demolished entirely on the evening. This is what I recommend, therefore, one uses if attempting to make something semi-presentable out of a tin of butter beans:

Add to it:
1 table spoon coconut oil
juice of half a lemon
1 clove garlic
1 teaspoon sweet chilli sauce
2 table spoons edamame/soy beans
small handful of coriander
small green chilli
salt and pepper

Blend, Then:

Use anything coconutty, such as coconut milk, coconut water or more oil to adjust the texture to your liking.

This looked fun with all the green specks. And it tasted tropically delicious while being plant based and not too calorific.
It worked well with the crispy flat breads and crudités I also managed to throw into our bag before I had to help my husband put shoes on the children.

Enjoy! And do do Friday nights with friends even if you have three or more kids.

One thought on “Butter bean bonanza – yes, I like alliterations

  1. You are so creative, my friend! I think this sounds delicious and would welcome the opportunity to taste it in person with you!!! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!!
    Love you, sweet friend!

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