Make your Mondays count.

So, here’s an observation I’ve made this week when someone served me a beautiful burger with all the extras – as much salad, tomatoes and fried mushrooms as I could care to pile on to my plate, nice quality ketchup and even home made steak cut fries. It was delicious. And it was only Monday. Usually, burgers with extra treats, such as the above abundance in greens and healthy add ons, are more known as a weekend treat. But because I ate this on a Monday lunch time it seemed as though the joy of an unexpected luxury unlocked a whole treasure chest of hope for the rest of the week. So, it got me thinking about the purpose of Monday. And its role within the make up of the week. And more and more I convince myself that Monday is there to set us up strong. To remind us that the glory of Sunday still shines on despite the next weekend feeling far away. Because Mondays can trigger a lot of mixed emotions. Excitement for the new possibilities ahead, relief that the mess of an unstructured weekend is over or dread, as I just have no clue how to make it through the week.

My burger experience brought home to the simple self help truth that a nice meal on a Monday night helps to get me into the groove. Something that’s cost a tiny bit more effort or includes a special or rare ingredient, like a nice cheese with some fresh bread, a lasagna or even a glass of wine left over from the weekend somehow help to absorb the shock of the new working week, which just slapped itself into my face.

With grey and rainy days approaching fast, why not make your Monday nights an oasis of hope for the week. I, for one, am going to make my Mondays count.

One thought on “Make your Mondays count.

  1. Yay! I’m all for an oasis of hope on Monday. Count me in. Let’s keep on celebrating life and the Give of Life also on Mondays. That’s where the strength comes from. Thank you, Tabea. Blessings to you!

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